Product information "Thomson Recording Software Easy TV 32" HD"

IMPORTANT: Due to technical specifications, it is crucial to install the correct Recording Software on your Thomson Easy TV 32” HD. If you are interested in downloading this software, please contact our support team and they will send the correct files to you.

Upgrade your Easy TV 32” HD with a recording software. With the click of a few buttons, you can easily start a recording, view your recorded programs, schedule a recording, or activate the time shift mode. Stay up to date with your favorite movies or shows, even if you can’t watch them when they are initially aired, or enjoy watching them multiple times. Benefit from more flexibility and increased entertainment options.


• Instant recording: Simply record any Live TV program on the spot.
• Time shift mode: Pause your TV program and continue where you left off, thanks to the time-shifting playback function.
• Timer recording: Don’t miss any of your favorite movies or TV shows. Schedule a recording in advance by setting a start time.


Instant recording

Time shift mode

Timer recording

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Recording Software for Easy TV 32” HD

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Thomson Easy TV 32” HD not included

Product number: PVR32HD